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Survey Results Module

The Survey Results module lets you view survey data for each subject in your project in a tabular form, along with any scoring associated with the survey.

Survey Results Module

How to Add the Survey Results Module to Your Layout

  1. Navigate to the Subject Viewer:

    1. Click on the Subjects tab on the left side panel of the LifeOmic Platform.
    2. Find the subject of interest and launch Subject Viewer for that subject by one of the following ways:
      • Click anywhere in the subject's row. This opens the subject viewer in the current tab.
      • Hover on the subject's row to access the quick tools, then click either:
        • the icon to launch Subject Viewer in a new tab.
        • to launch Subject Viewer in the current tab.
  2. On the Subject Viewer screen, click on the Edit Layout icon in the header.

  3. Click the circle with the "+" inside, found at the bottom right of the screen to navigate to the "Add a Module" screen.

  4. At the top of the "Add a Module" page, click on the "Build your Own" tab. Survey Results button

  5. Select the Survey Results module from the options listed. This will automatically return you to the Subject Viewer layout screen with the newly added module.

  6. Click the save layout icon in the header.


Save the layout before navigating away from the page or you will lose unsaved changes.