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Medical Devices

The LifeOmic Platform collects, stores, and analyzes data from registered medical devices. For more information, see Medical Devices in the LifeOmic Dev Center.

View Medical Devices and Medical Device Data

  1. On the left side of the screen, click the Medical Devices tab to view all medical devices.

  2. To narrow your results, enter information in the Device Filters fields.

  3. Click anywhere on a device row to view the device details page.

  4. To configure the device details page layout, see Add a Subject View Layout.

    Medical Device Graph

Provision Medical Devices for the LifeOmic Platform

The LifeOmic Platform allows developers to create a claim certificate for provisioning a fleet of devices. Any device that has a claim certificate may provision and claim a device specific certificate. Check out the open source starters repository to see how devices can exchange a claim certificate for a device specific certificate.

Follow this procedure to create and download a claim certificate from the LifeOmic Platform.


A claim certificate is composed of two files, a PEM file and a private key file.

  1. On the left side of the screen, click the Medical Devices tab.
  2. Click the Provision Devices button.
  3. On the Provision Devices screen, click the Create Claim Certificate.
  4. In the Create Certificate dialog, enter a general name for the device category, such as Infusion Pump. Also select the project or dataset that will contain your devices.

If you need a new project, complete the Create a Project procedure.

  1. Click Create.

    Medical Device Create

  2. On the New Registration Certificate dialog, click Download Certificate and Download Key. You will need to access these .key and .pem files when you program your devices.

  3. To program your devices, complete the Registering Your Devices section in the Developer Center.