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Subject Summary Module

The subject summary module attempts to produce a general summary of several data categories and displays the analysis in a neat, concise module for quick reference.

The following categories of data are summarized:

  • Conditions
  • Medications
  • Procedures
  • Observations
  • Clinical Notes
  • Demographics (not shown in the module)
  • Lab Values (not shown in the module)

The module also produces an "overall" summary from the above seven categories, which is not shown. The Differential Diagnosis list is based on the overall summary and is displayed in the module. The Differential Diagnosis provides a list of syndromes or diseases the patient could potentially have which are not included in the overall summary. It is not a diagnosis. It is merely a list of possibilities for clinicians to consider when reviewing the subject's data.

Click on the info icon next to each category to open a new window displaying the data used to generate the summaries. Click the blue Read More text to expand the summary.

Subject Viewer Subject Summary

Add a Subject Summary Module

  1. Begin by following the instructions to Add a Module to a Layout.
  2. From the Build Your Own module page, select the Summary tile . The module attempts to generate data summaries and display them in the layout.
  3. Click the icon in the header to save your layout for future viewing.

It is important to complete step 3. You must save the layout itself before you navigate away or the module will not be saved to the layout.