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Mobile App Overview

The LifeOmic Patient Mobile App enables you to present a custom-tailored mobile app to your users by choosing from a wide range of components. Using the Mobile App Settings area of the LifeOmic Platform, you can toggle on or off various components to design a unique experience. As you choose components, a preview screen is shown with an approximate representation of what the app will look like for your users.

You can also add additional LifeOmic Platform features not included on the app preview screen. See Advanced Options for the Patient Mobile App for more information.

Add user information and invite users to use the app from the LifeOmic Platform interface. After they download the Patient Mobile App on their Android or iOS device, they open it to set up a password and accept the user agreements. After that, they use your configuration from the LifeOmic Platform Patient Mobile App Settings page.


Contact LifeOmic to enable this feature for your account.

Set up the LifeOmic Patient Mobile App

These procedures guide you through the basic tasks required to get your users set up with the Patient Mobile App:

Access Control

These procedures require the default Administration>Access privileges.

Add your users to the LifeOmic Platform as Subjects

Add the subject information for each app user to the LifeOmic Platform. This will let you send them an invitation to use the app.

The minimum subject information required is the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Valid email address

Make sure the subject's email address is valid. The LifeOmic Platform sends the app invitation and consent through email.


Click the masked icon at the top right of the LifeOmic Platform app screen to disable masked mode. You cannot create a subject in masked mode.

Set up an Engagement Flow

After you add the subject information to the LifeOmic Platform, you use engagement flow to email a download link for the app and obtain a consent to sync the Patient Mobile App Data with the LifeOmic Platform. The consent to sync data with the LifeOmic Platform is included by default in the engagement flow.

Users can be added automatically by setting the engagement flow to Auto-add all project subjects to flow which sends an invitation email to any subjects added to the project after this option has been enabled. Or you can Manually Add Subjects to the Engagement Flow to add subjects added prior to enabling this option or to select specific subjects to add.


You can also use the Invite option under the Subjects tab for a simple app invitation. This basic method is recommended for testing your app configuration when you don't need to track responses.

Auto-Add Subjects to the Engagement Flow

  1. On the left side, click the Engagement tab.
  2. To the right of Engagement Path, click the gear icon .
  3. Click Auto-add all project subjects to flow.
  4. In the Flow Settings dialog, click Mobile App (Android/iOS) and Save.
  5. If you need more detailed instructions, see the How to Set Up Engagement Flow procedure.

Manually Add Subjects to the Engagement Flow (Optional)

  1. On the left side, click the Subjects tab.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to your desired subjects.
  3. Click the Assign drop down and click Add to Engagement Flow.
  4. Click Add at the confirmation dialog. The LifeOmic Platform emails an invitation to the subject.

Customize the App for Your Users

Advanced Options for the Patient Mobile App

The LifeOmic Patient Mobile App offers additional LifeOmic Platform features that are not shown in the preview screen. For general information on these features, see the following sections:

Explain the Patient Mobile App to a Subject

The following information will help you to enroll subjects to use the Patient Mobile App:

  • Your subject will receive an email from the LifeOmic Platform. The email title incorporates your project name and organization. For example, You’ve been invited to the Diabetes Study project by Acme Health.

  • Use the text below to provide instructions for the app users.

Welcome to the LifeOmic Patient Mobile App. You will be receiving an email invitation to download the app. There is no charge for the app.


If you do not receive an email, check your email spam folder.

  1. Open this email on your Android or iOS device and download the app from your app store.

  2. When the Patient Mobile App screen opens, click Complete Signup to create a password for the app.

    Note: The Patient Mobile App requires a password with a minimum of eight characters. It must include a number, special symbol, and both upper and lower-case letters.

  3. Review and accept the agreement.

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the agreement.
    2. Click the I agree to the above terms of use checkbox and click I Agree.
    3. Repeat the process for any additional agreements.
  4. Click Join the Project.

  5. Click View Tasks.