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Omics Overview

The LifeOmic Platform is a powerful tool to store and index omics data. Users can view genetic test results and perform deep analysis of a single subject's data or the data of an entire project.

Genetic test files are uploaded with automated ingestion or through operations under the Files tab. The platform takes the raw test data (chromosome position and identified variant change) from the sequencing vendor and annotates it through our annotation pipeline. Our knowledge base is called Gnosis and it is comprised of data from external databases (such as dbSNP, gnomAD, and ClinVar) along with our annotation of variants using our own knowledge base. The user can then view and work with the data in the Omics Explorer or other parts of the platform.

Omics Components of the LifeOmic Platform

Omics ExplorerView a subject’s genetic test data with annotations from external germline and somatic variant databases.
InsightsView mutations across the entire project in Needle plots or Oncoprint.
Omics DashboardShows the status of all Omics tests and associated data records within a project.
Omics TestsShows the genomic tests that have been indexed or ingested into the LifeOmic Platform.
Data ProcessingAnalyzes Omics data for deep analysis.
Nightly UploadAutomates data ingestion.
Variant DetailDisplays information about a specific variant.
Variant SelectionSelect variants and create notes for Molecular Tumor Boards.