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Survey Checkbox Question

A Survey Checkbox Question response provides a single checkbox for participants to check or leave blank.

How to Create a Checkbox Question

  1. Click either the Create Survey or the Edit Survey button to access the survey builder page. The Create & Edit Survey section appears.

  2. In the center portion of the Create & Edit Survey section, Click Create Question to access the question dropdown menu.

    Survey Create Question

  3. Click Checkbox from the dropdown menu.

  4. Enter the text in the space provided. The entered text displays with a box for the participants to check or leave blank.

    Survey Checkbox

  5. Click Save.

Customize Your Question

Use the tool icons on the right side of the question to further customize your survey question.

  • Add Advanced Settings, including Logic rules, to your survey question. Click the gear icon to the right of the question to access Advanced Settings.

  • Click the Ellipses to:

    • Move the question up or down
    • Copy the question
    • Delete the question
    • Publish the question to the library
  • Click the Chevron to expand or compress the question.


In addition to creating your own question, you can also add a question from the library or add a question from another survey. Click the labeled buttons next to the Create Question button to utilize those options.

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