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Survey Lists

A Survey List is a convenient list of responses that can be used for matrix or multiple choice questions throughout your survey.

There are three existing Survey Lists to choose from:

  • USPS States
  • Country Codes
  • Yes/No

You may also create your own Survey List, such as "never/sometimes/always", where you set three possible responses. Survey Lists also allow you to assign a numeric value to text responses. Numeric values are needed when scoring responses to a matrix question (for example, never = 0, sometimes = 1, always = 2).

The benefits to using Survey Lists over other Multiple Choice and Matrix Response options include:

  • Repeated use throughout the survey
  • Assigning a numeric value to a text response (needed for survey scoring)
  • More powerful data analysis

Created Survey Lists are only available within the survey in which they were created.

How to Create a Survey List

You create Survey Lists within the blue header or within a multiple choice or matrix question.

  1. Access the Survey List page by either:

    • The header:

      1. Click the ellipsis in the blue header of the Survey Builder page.

      2. Select Survey Lists from the menu that opens.

        Survey Lists header

      3. The Survey List page opens (see image below). Click the Create List button. Click the X in the top right to exit.

        Survey Lists Creation

    • Within a matrix or multiple choice question:

      1. When creating your multiple choice or matrix question, select "Survey List" from the "Validate answer for a specific format" dropdown.

      2. Click Create List.

    Create Survey List

  2. On the Survey List screen, name your list (such as never/sometimes/always).

    Survey List setup

  3. Type responses you want in this list. Add more responses by clicking the add button or delete a response by clicking the delete button .

  4. You can add scoring (optional) to the responses:

    1. Check the "Add scoring" box
    2. Assign numeric values for each response. In the example above, never = 0, sometimes = 1, always = 2
  5. You can add medical codes to your dropdown responses (see image below).

    1. On the Survey List screen, toggle from "Standard" to "Advanced"
    2. Write down what coding system you are referencing (ICD-10, SNOWMED, or others)
    3. Type in the medical code under "Code"
    4. Type in the word you want displayed as a survey response for subjects to see (such as "Fever")
    5. Add more responses by clicking the add button or delete a response by clicking the delete button

    Survey Advanced

  6. When finished, click Create List. You should see your newly created list in the left column.

  7. Click the X in the top right hand corner to exit the list creator and return to the Survey Builder OR continue making more lists for your survey.

  8. On the Survey Builder screen, under "Validate answer for a specific format," the first dropdown should have Survey List, and the dropdown beneath it is where you can select your new survey list.

    Survey List selection