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Wearables and Medical Device Integrations Overview

The LifeOmic Platform receives data from a growing variety of wearables and medical devices. The device-generated data is stored directly into your LifeOmic Platform account. The wearable user configures their settings in any mobile app built on the LifeOmic Platform.

Customers are required to review and sign data use and privacy documents with each device they want their users to be able to sync. Customers then create an OAuth client within each device portal and configure the LifeOmic Platform to utilize it. When users enable a wearable, they are presented with a vendor-specific consent screen to authorize the customer app to access their data. LifeOmic can walk customers through this process.

LifeOmic Platform users can then view this data with the Subject Viewer. The Patient Mobile App has a default view for the subjects to view their wearable data. LifeOmic Platform users can also customize the layout of the data displayed to the subjects in their Patient Mobile App.

Wearables that Integrate with the LifeOmic Platform

  • Apple HealthKit - Uses Apple Health to track and sync the following data points:
    • Blood Glucose
    • Mindful Minutes
    • Sleep
    • Weight
    • Workouts
  • Fitbit:
    • Food and water logs
    • Activity and exercise
    • Heart Rate
    • Weight
    • Sleep
  • Google Fit:
    • Sleep
    • Blood Glucose
    • Body Measurements
    • Activity
  • Garmin
  • Biosense
  • Keto-Mojo
  • Oura

Medical Devices that Integrate with the LifeOmic Platform

  • Devices producing HL7 using the Implantable Device Cardiac Observation Profile (IDCO)
    • Medtronic
    • Abbot
    • Boston Scientific
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices that write to Google Fit or Apple Health
  • Dexcom CGM device (direct integration)

The complete list of device integrations is growing. LifeOmic can support most devices that produce HL7 using the Implantable Device Cardiac Observation Profile (IDCO). For the most current information, contact LifeOmic.

Configure Wearables


The LifeOmic Platform supports a maximum of one active wearable integration (including HealthKit) at a time for each data type.


Users with multiple apps writing the same data, such as sleep records, will duplicate data in the mobile app.


If a user wishes to discontinue syncing data, they must toggle OFF data syncing in their mobile app settings. Selecting "Permanently Delete Account" in the settings will disconnect your device and stop syncing data. Simply deleting the mobile app will not stop the syncing of their data to the LifeOmic Platform.

For more information about enabling, syncing, and troubleshooting wearables, see Sync a Wearable.

Users can review what record types are synced by accessing their Health app, tapping the Sources tab, and selecting the LifeOmic mobile app.

Sync a CGM Device

If you are using a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device to manage and track your glucose levels, your CGM device can be synced with the LifeOmic Platform mobile app. We currently support syncing data from any CGM device that writes to Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iOS).

To learn how to sync a CGM device with the mobile app and integrate with the LifeOmic Platform, follow the tutorial Sync a CGM Device with the LifeOmic Platform mobile app.

You can add a CGM module to your Subject Viewer layout that displays the subject's synced CGM data. This section also describes the different display modes you can use to illustrate the CGM data in the Subject Viewer.

CGM Diagram