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Account Auditing

Account auditing lets you view a record of the LifeOmic Platform events related to access control and the API. This information can help with troubleshooting and security.

Access Control

A user needs to belong to the default Admin group or have those permissions to complete this procedure. To add a user to the default Admin group, complete the Add a user to a group with the Users tab procedure.


To view the audit events for a specific user, click the Account Info tile and the Users tab. Mouse over the row of a specific user to reveal a menu and click the icon.

  1. From any page in the LifeOmic Platform, click the logo at the top of the page.

  2. From the home page, click the Account Info tile.


  3. Click the Account Auditing tab.

  4. The default User Events view displays all audit event types for all users. Enter a user ID in the User ID field to narrow down the results to a specific user.


  5. To change the period for the displayed audit events, click the calendar icon for the beginning or end date to reveal the date and time selector. If you select a new date and time, the displayed events update accordingly.


  6. Click an audit event row to reveal the details of the audit event.


  7. To view specific audit event types, click the Select an audit event type menu and click a type.


  8. Choose Configure Custom Query for advanced filtering options.

    1. Click the Set Query Options button on the right.
    2. Select a Target Resource from the menu to display specific parameter choices.
    3. Select parameter choices from the menus.
    4. Under Select Audit Events, choose the events you want.
    5. Click Save and Query to display events that meet the custom criteria.