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You can add a README file to introduce and explain the details of your project. There is a dedicated space at the bottom of the project's home page for any descriptive information you might want to share about your project. A default message in a blue box in this space states that a README file is not found. Adding a README file replaces this message with the text of the Markdown file you have created and shares general information about your project's features and purpose.


Add a README File

  1. Create a Markdown file with the text you want to share on the project's home page and save it as
  2. On the left side of the app screen, click the Files tab.
  3. Click Add File on the right of the screen to open the dialog box.
  4. Navigate to the desired README file and click Open.
  5. Confirm that the file appears in the list of All Files.
  6. Refresh the page. The file will replace the default message and display the README file's text.

Note: The LifeOmic Platform will not upload a file with the same name as an existing file.