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Share Link

Standard Sharing

The Share Link feature should be used for Standard Sharing as the URL it generates contains data directing the user to the proper location. Copying the URL directly from the address bar is not sufficient as it will not include data such as the selected project, the selected account, and other relevant information.

Throughout the application, there is a familiar share icon button . Clicking the button will copy a URL to the clipboard for you. All that's left is pasting the link to share with team members! Happy sharing!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • A LifeOmic User account is required to access any link shared.
  • The team member must belong to the account and project to access the page.
  • A team member must have the correct ABAC privilege to view certain pages. If you share a link and they do not have access, they will be redirected home.

Single Sign-On Sharing

If you're logged in with Single Sign-On (SSO) and in a particular account, you may be presented with a dialog asking how you'd like the link to be generated.

Require SSO (default)

This is the best option to use when sharing a link inside the same Organization’s PHC Account. Your Organization has configured their PHC Account to leverage SSO and the receiving party will want the correct SSO provider encoded in the link.

Do Not Require SSO

This is the best option to use when sharing a link to someone outside of your Organization’s PHC Account. An example of this is an outside collaborator. This means the user will have to choose how to appropriately sign in to their PHC User, either by using username/password credentials or by their own Organization’s SSO.