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New Features and Enhancements

This page highlights updates to the LifeOmic Platform. For a guide to the major features, see the User Guide Topics.

Second Quarter of 2023

  • Variant Selection - Variant Selection gives oncologists a straightforward way to record, search for, and review the impact of variants on cancer patient treatment recommendations.
  • Medical Devices - Adds medical device information. The LifeOmic Platform provides a secure home for your medical device data and allows you to collect, store, and analyze data from your registered devices.
  • Patient ML Endpoints Documentation - Adds API reference documentation for the LifeOmic Platform Patient ML service endpoints. The Patient ML service allows training, evaluating, and deploying Machine Learning models on your data stored in the LifeOmic Platform.

First Quarter of 2023

  • DICOMweb™ API and DICOM Studies Module - Adds the ability to ingest DICOM files into the LifeOmic Platform and displays the imaging files in the subject viewer of the LifeOmic Platform web app.
  • FHIR Endpoints Documentation - Adds API reference documentation and an OpenAPI JSON specification for the LifeOmic Platform patient service FHIR endpoints
  • Clinical Trials with Notifications - Matches clinical trials with subject information from the LifeOmic Platform and sets up notifications for new matching or changed studies
  • Omics Actions and Ingestions - Triggers an AWS Step Function upon file ingestion for genomic processing
  • Marketplace - Shares LifeOmic apps and functions developed by third-parties and LifeOmic